The Drivers

You know them, You work with them and you live down the street from them. They’re local racers and their heart is wrapped up in racing like no one else. They’re the stars of the show and that’s why we love them. Here’s to the drivers of the Shasta Speedway!

June 22nd, Fair night

Saturday in the pits with all the drivers.  It was a blast to run around and get all these shots.  We might have missed a few so we’ll see you next time.  If we made any mistakes be sure and send an email and let us know what to correct.  If you would like a print just let us know in an email also.  Thank you all for being so gracious in letting us photograph you.  We’ll see you all again.
Tony & Wendy

A note from the photographer

All photography is property of Tony Hord Photography.  You may download and share what ever you like.  All photos here are low resolution. If you would like a high resolution print or copy of any photo please contact Tony Hord.